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Most of this information is not likely known by most characters. But, to better get a sense of the setting, I wanted to put it out there.

Traditional Magic

Main Article: Traditional Magic

In Odeon, an individual with traditional magic is very, very, very, rare. There are no “known” magic users in the land. This is largely due to the fact that even though some people are gifted with the ability to manipulate reality, it takes a keen mind and years of practice to hone. The type of mind needed to study and practice for years on end to even come to a basic understanding of the vagaries simply can’t exist in Odeon. Time spent simply surviving in tundra leaves a person with little free time to take on an endeavor with no immediate practical output. In addition to these facts, you would be hard pressed to find 10 people that could read in Odeon. With this in mind, you could imagine that books would be used for little other than kindling. And that all backs the fact that there is little to no formal education on anything but trade skills.

All of this leads to one cold, hard, fact: Magic is essentially non-existent as a craft in Odeon.


Main Article: Graces

The gift of magic though, still exists. But because of the lack of training, education, time, and even the belief that it exists, the gift often manifests in other ways. This sort of magical manifestation is commonly referred to as “Grace”. A grace is some sort of supernatural ability that is generally not within the control of an individual. Some examples might be gills, a resistance to fire, or a biological weapon. An individual often manifests his or her grace a few years after the body physically stops growing, about ages nineteen through twenty. The person with the grace, otherwise known as a graced individual, has no way of controlling what his grace is either. It simply manifests. A grace can exist within a person for years before they ever even find out it exists, due to its specific nature.

It is believed that these gifts can be passed down from generation to generation by blood, or more savagely, through the consumption of the essence of one’s enemy.