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Gear, or at least high quality gear is hard to come by in Odeon. Everything from a knife to a grinding stone are worth their weight in gold (if gold was worth anythign in Odeon). On the other-hand, one mast carry everything they own through the wastes, so a wise wandered must choose wisely.


Equipment Availability

All weapons, armor, and gear is subject to availability. Some things are always available in a village, like common foods, clothing, or a bone dagger. While other items may not always be available at a moment's notice, and even others not at all. Below is an availability guideline to give an idea of when and where an item can be obtained (Seneschal always has final say):

Rarity Description
Common These items use common materials and can be fashioned by most craftsman.
Uncommon These items are difficult to acquire in small villages, and are almost always available (baring unforeseen circumstances) in any major village.

Setting Weapons

Setting Armor


Setting Equipment


Setting Provisions


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