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Character Creation

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We will be using the Character Point Allocation system to build our characters. Each character will get 50 points to make their character. This might seem low, but with limited choices in race and social class, as well as a more limited maximum attribute cap, this is more than enough points. The companion book should be the book that you use for most information regarding character creation.


Social Classes

These are custom social classes for the Odeon game world. There are not a lot of teeth to go around in Odeon, and the starting wealth is a clear reflection of that. The social classes are tethered to the starting wealth. You cannot take the wealth and social classes separately.

- Slave - 0 Points (Starting Wealth: 0 great beast teeth)

- Lower Tribesman - 3 points (Starting Wealth: 3 great beast teeth)

- Higher Tribesman - 6 Points (Starting Wealth: 6 great beast teeth)


Natives of Odeon have a lot of brawn and little brain. Because of this, after buying your attributes, you will receive +1 ST and -2 MA. All attributes must be at least 1 after the national modifiers. You may buy one attribute at 6 and any amount at 5 or below.

- Attribute at 1 = 1 Point (dismal)

- Attribute at 2 = 2 Points (below average)

- Attribute at 3 = 3 Points (average)

- Attribute at 4 = 4 Points (average)

- Attribute at 5 = 5 Points (above average)

- Attribute at 6 = 6 Points (superior)


At least one skill packet must be bought at SR9 for 2 Points, with a maximum of 2 being bought (each still 2 points). Each skill packet can be individually improved (for instance, from SR9 to SR8) for 2 Points. No skill packet can be better than SR7. Individual skills can be bought or upgraded with the Seneschal’s approval. The below skill packets are the only ones allowed.

- Assassin (assassin package)

- Slave (beggar/street urchin package)

- Slaver (bounty hunter package)

- Shaman (druid package)

- Fool (entertainer package)

- Tundraman (highwayman package)

- Trader (merchant/trader package)

- Craftsman (peasant/craftsman package)

- Prostitute / Sex Slave (prostitute package)

- Thief (thief package)

- Warrior (warrior (clan or tribe) package)

- Survivor (woodsman/ranger package)

You do not get social class based skills as per the book. Instead, all characters get the skills listed below. If you would get one of these skills from your skill packet choice, you may simply improve that skill by the amount denoted in parenthesis.

- Native Language - Rank 7 (-0)

- Folk Lore - Rank 8 (-2)

- Scrounging - Rank 9 (-1)

- Survival - Rank 8 (-2)

The following skills cannot be taken regardless of the packages taken. If you would get one of these skills from a chosen packet, you simply don’t get it.

- Ancient Languages

- Read and Write

- Research

- Lock Picking

- Secret Languages

- Disguise

- Streetwise

- Panhandling

- Etiquette (any other than “clan” or “tundra”)

- Theology (replaced with “Mythology”)

- Stewardship

- Forgery

- Intrigue

- Ritual Magic

- Riding

- Teamster

- Heraldry

- Languages (any other than Odeon, your native language)

- Sailing

- Navigation

- Artillery

- Tactics (Sea)

- Heraldry (Flags)


All proficiency levels up to level 7, for any amount of styles, are available as long as you are willing to pay the Point cost. Odeon is a savage world ruled by combat, and in a world where stone hammers crumble and bone daggers shatter, it is a very smart idea to be proficient in more than one style. You never know what weapon you will be wielding tomorrow.

- Proficiency Level 1 = 1 Points

- Proficiency Level 2 = 2 Points

- Proficiency Level 3 = 3 Points

- Proficiency Level 4 = 4 Points

- Proficiency Level 5 = 5 Points

- Proficiency Level 6 = 6 Points

- Proficiency Level 7 = 8 Points

Gifts and Flaws

You may take a maximum of three gifts and three flaws. The below gifts and flaws are not allowed.any not listed on here are likely fine but still need the Seneschal’s approval.

- Heir

- Linguist

- Patron

- Wealthy

- Amnesia

- Chicken

- Evil Twin

- Lecherous (only women can take this flaw)

- Little

Spiritual Attributes

You will get 7 points to put in SAs. They may be taken and distributed as you wish. You may leave up to two SAs blank and add them when it is appropriate for your character. For each of the SAs you leave open, you may set aside one SA point to put in it when you add the SA.